Hospice Care With Expertise

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Hospice is a special way of caring for someone with a limited life expectancy, when the prognosis is discussed in terms of months rather than years. Hospice care affirms life. CompassionCare Hospice’s goal is to enhance the quality of life by keeping the patient comfortable and pain-free.

Hospice is a concept of care, not a place of care. Therefore, patients can receive hospice care wherever they call home. This may include a personal residence, nursing facility, assisted living residence, or a hospital setting. CompassionCare Hospice is charged with the mission of helping patients and families complete the journey of life in comfort, peace, and dignity. We are able to achieve our mission through the expertise of our hospice and palliative care certified hospice team.

Our team of medical staff oversee the medical component of the care. A hospice team usually consists o

Hospice Communication

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Through effective communication, a hospice worker can help your loved one the most effectively and efficiently.

The hospice nurse is in a specialized position, since he or she is often involved in all segments of a patient’s life during this time. They see both what is happening with the patient emotionally, with their families, as well as what is happening “behind the scenes” with medical tests, doctor consultations, etc. This makes the nurse one of the most integral pillars to the entire hospice care method of treating patients using the palliative care practice. When the patient is feeling overwhelmed, it is often this nurse that can come in and help them. This nurse can offer spiritual and emotional support to the patient, as well help them overcome other psychological stressing news and situations. The nurse can also communicate with others on the team more specialized in e

Hospice work Isn’t “Scary”

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Hospice can be a scary word for patients, families, and those that don’t fully understand it. After patients & families receive all of the services, support, and education that comes along with hospice, they begin to see that the once “scary” word is no longer scary. They begin to see that hospice is about living. Living the rest of your life with quality and dignity.  It’s about looking for ways to support our loved ones and patients and helping them fulfill whatever it is that’s most important to them.

A hospice team treats the whole person-including spiritual and emotional needs along with the physical.  The hospice team also offers counseling, grief support and family/caregiver support too. Hospice care is provided by a core group of professionals (physicians, nurses, counselors, and therapists) and it also offers volunteers who can of

Life-Limiting Illness and Hospice Care

A life-limiting illness is a chronic disease or condition. These diseases don’t respond to curative treatments resulting in a terminal diagnosis. CompassionCare of Las Vegas, Nevada provides hospice care in the privacy of your own home. Having a life-limiting illness qualifies a patient for hospice. The specialized medical practice of palliative care or hospice care…