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When faced with mortality we normally close up and change the subject. It’s a difficult subject to discuss and think about, especially with our own parents. Death is inescapable and will face us all one day, while we’re able it is important to have these conversations with our loved ones. Preparing for the end while we still can, can help ease the burden on adult children and leave unanswered questions answered.

Those who truly struggle to have these types of conversations with their parents are most likely thinking of their own mortality one day. A good way of opening up this discussion is to ask your child or children their own personal thoughts and feelings about dying. Or, get a mediator/advisor involved that can ask questions and lead a conversation with your family. Being open and honest about your wishes is best. Tell your children and family what’s most important to you and explain to them that having a solid plan in place will reduce stress and pressure in the long run. The biggest relief of all that you can give your adult children is access to information they will need most after a life-changing event, like death.

Click on the link below for access to and end-of-life checklist that will help you and your loved ones get started.





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