Feed A Senior Campaign

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Grandparents Day is around the corner (September 10th) and CompassionCare Hospice’s community partner, Helping Hands of Vegas Valley, is #DoingSomethingGrand in honor of this commemorative day!

Their Feed A Senior Campaign will help assist low income seniors in our community who are hungry and in need of food. Just $20 will provide food to one individual for an entire month! Many people show appreciation for their grandparents in different ways – card & gift giving, taking them out for a special meal, or just spending time with them. This year, support Helping Hands in their mission to help those seniors who truly need it.

Click on the link below to make a donation and for more information on Helping Hands of Vegas Valley’s other programs – Respite Care and Senior Transportation.



National Grief Awareness Day

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Today, August 30th, is a day that recognizes the grief that can consume us when we lose someone we love. The effects that death can have on us, vary from person to person. A woman named Angie Cartwright founded National Grief Awareness Day in 2014. Familiar with loss, she too became lost in her grief and since has become dedicated to bringing support to those who have endured pain like her.

To firmly understand how to help those faced with grief, or to help ourselves, we need to understand the cognitive, social, and philosophical road blocks that come with losing someone who’s close to us. There are five stages of grief that a person will go through on their way to finding peace, and denial is the first. Being reliable to this person during this stage is most helpful. Next is anger, lashing out at others or becoming upset very easily are common. No person should ever be

Senior Industry Job Fair!

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CompassionCare Hospice will be hosting a job fair on Thursday, September 21st from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at West Palm Mortuary located at 7979 W Warm Springs Rd, LV 89113.

Experience job searching with the following:

Assisted Living

Group Homes

Home Health

PCA Agencies

Admission is FREE and there will be over 20 vendors! Dress for success and be sure to have your cover letter/resume. Some companies will be conducting on-site interviews. Come and talk to employers who are or will be hiring! If you are a CNA, med-tech, nurse, or caregiver – you don’t want to miss this!

For questions or more information please contact Nichole at 702-636-0200.


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Start End-of-Life Planning Today

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When faced with mortality we normally close up and change the subject. It’s a difficult subject to discuss and think about, especially with our own parents. Death is inescapable and will face us all one day, while we’re able it is important to have these conversations with our loved ones. Preparing for the end while we still can, can help ease the burden on adult children and leave unanswered questions answered.

Those who truly struggle to have these types of conversations with their parents are most likely thinking of their own mortality one day. A good way of opening up this discussion is to ask your child or children their own personal thoughts and feelings about dying. Or, get a mediator/advisor involved that can ask questions and lead a conversation with your family. Being open and honest about your wishes is best. Tell your children and family what’s mo

Pet Ownership for the Elderly

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For most peoples’ life times, pets provide us with endless love and companionship bringing great joy into our lives. They become part of our families, and for the elderly, pets can mean the world-providing physical and emotional well-being. Pets can do wonders and play a key role in a seniors overall health.

Seniors who are pet owners come across many benefits, some you might be surprised with. Pets not only provide emotional benefits of companionship, but they also help seniors stay physically healthy too. Owning a pet can reduce feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and depression allowing them to lead more satisfying, emotional lives. They can also have positive effects on behavior. A review of several studies found that nursing home residents become more alert and relaxed when pets are nearby. Pet ownership is also associated with improved cardiovascular health

A Different Type of Care

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Hospice is different. Centered on palliative care, which is the management of pain and symptoms so that every moment can be as comfortable and rewarding as possible. Traditional medicine treats the disease, where hospice attends with compassion and respect, to the whole patient. At some point a decision may have to be made-not about ceasing all care, but about weighing the benefits of a certain course of treatment against the burdens of that treatment. What matters most may not be more time, but the ability to more fully enjoy the time we have with those we love.

Remember, even in the face if a serious illness or advanced age, there’s hope.




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Hospice Medications

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When we aren’t feeling well we look to our physicians and trust that they will provide us with proper medications to treat our conditions and make us feel better. This is most important with a hospice patient when comfort care is the main goal of any and all treatments. Many believe that hospice stops all medications when a person is signed onto service, this is a common misconception. Although cure is not a plan with hospice, proper care is.

Most elderly individuals are taking medications that they’ve been prescribed for a significant amount of time.  Hospice doesn’t just stop these cold turkey, but rather discontinues anything that may not be appropriate any longer. If it doesn’t help to make a patient comfortable, it is not needed. Actually, some medications can cause problems rather than help a person. Hospice’s focus is having a firm grasp on p

Adult Day Services

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Adult Day Services are a great option for both a senior who still lives at home and their caregiver. This type of program allows the participant an opportunity to get out of the home and around others for companionship, while being provided with assistance and supervision during the day. It allows a caregiver time to themselves to relax or take care of their own needs. Understanding this resource can greatly benefit you and your loved one.

Adult day services, also known as adult daycare, are typically run during normal business hours. An adult day service can take place in its own building or be located within a senior center, nursing facility, or church. Most adult day services provide activities and meals throughout the day, but there are some programs that go a step further and offer comprehensive health care services and therapy. Other centers focus on specific, specialize

Hospice Services

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Hospice. Let’s face it, it’s an intimidating word that people don’t like to say. No one wants to think or talk about dying. But in reality, people live longer with hospice mostly due to the close monitoring of their pain and symptoms caused from a life-limiting illness or disease. With hospice, the patient is in control. Hospice is about LIVING and encouraging each individual to live their life to the fullest and carry out their wishes right until the end.

Hospice is compassionate care that is focused on comfort and meets the unique needs of each person and their family members and caregivers. It doesn’t just manage pain, hospice shows patients how to best cope with an illness. This exclusive care is provided by a core group of professionals made up of physicians, nurses, counselors, and therapists to name a few. Hospice is also mindful of a patient’s loved on

When The End Is Near

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When your family is suddenly hit with the passing of a loved one, it leaves little to no time to prepare. On the other hand, a person who is slowly transitioning can become confusing for families as they may not be as sure as to what’s happening. If you are prepared no matter what the circumstance is, you have the opportunity to be ready for what’s coming.

Have conversations with your loved ones physician and nurses, listen to what they are telling you even though it may be hard to accept. You may experience the following symptoms with your loved one who is nearing the end: They may become tired and sleep majority of the day. Anxiety and confusion can happen, they may refuse to eat or drink anything and dyspnea (shortness of breath) sets in. In addition to these things, when a person is nearing the end of their life, the body (arms, hands, feet, etc.) become cool to the

The Hospice Referral Process

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Much too often, referrals to hospice are made too late, before a patient and family have the chance to benefit from all of the services hospice actually has to offer. The sooner a patient is referred, the better. Many say that the only regret they have about hospice is not signing on sooner.

Hospice care may be appropriate for any person with a life-limiting illness or terminal diagnosis who is ready to stop curative treatments. To be eligible, a physician must certify a prognosis of 6 months or less, if the disease runs its expected normal course. A persons physician, family member, neighbor, or even the person themselves can recommend hospice and request an evaluation for services. Patients can also keep hospice beyond the 6 months (with physician approval and continuing to meet criteria) and can cancel hospice services at any time if they choose.

Selecting the best ho

Finding The Right Fit in a Caregiver

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Most seniors today prefer to age in place, but when their health starts to decline and they need immediate or sudden help, we as family members may be faced with the critical decision of whether or not to start providing the care they need. Lots of family members end up becoming a caregiver to a loved one, but the demands that caregiving has makes it difficult for many to step into this role. If you are seeking help for your loved one, there are qualifications you’ll want to be certain your caregiver has. Not only do you want the skills and experience of a trained caregiver, but someone who is understanding and is the best match for your family member.

Substantial caregivers are sensitive to others’ requests, they are compassionate, and patient people-they truly enjoy helping others. To have peace of mind in your selection, you need to make your expecta