Hospice Is Helping Others

CompassionCare Hospice

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Hospice is a different type of care, provided by a team of dedicated health professionals in your home or wherever you and your love-ones need their help. Those who are eligible for hospice services must be diagnosed with a life-limiting illness or disease and choose to forgo aggressive treatments. Centered on palliative care, hospice closely monitors pain and symptom management of each patient so that they can make the most of every day and enjoy the time they have with family and loved-ones.

With hospice, you’re in control. Hospice celebrates life and treats the whole person-physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Hospice doesn’t just manage pain, it shows each patient how to best cope with an illness. Click on the link below to read about 5 ways that hospice can help you or a loved-one today.


To learn more about CompassionCare and hospice, call us. 702-636-0200


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