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This Easter Sunday many of us will be gathered with family and friends and this may be the perfect time to “have the talk” with them. Sunday is also National Healthcare Decisions Day and the goal is for all adults to have the tools needed to discuss and document their healthcare wishes now, while they’re healthy and able, before it’s too late. For most people, it always seems too early to discuss advance care planning-but it’s not, the sooner the better so that your loved-ones know and understand your wishes should you become ill.

It is important to note that advance directives only go into effect if a person is no longer able to make decisions. Copies of these documents should be given to doctors, family members and close friends or individuals you trust. They can be changed or canceled at any time, but they are virtually useless if no one knows about them when the need arises. Advance care planning starts with conversations to relieve loved ones and healthcare providers of the need to guess what you would want if you are ever facing a healthcare or medical crisis. If you thought you were dying, what would matter most toy you?

Seventy percent of Americans say they would prefer to die at home, but nearly 70 percent die in hospitals and institutions. Ninety percent of Americans know they should have conversations about end-of-life care, yet only 30 percent have done so.

Click on the link below for more information on Healthcare Decisions Day and access to documents for advanced care planning. For more information on CompassionCare or hospice, call us today at 702-636-0200.


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