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CompassionCare Hospice

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The value of hospice volunteers cannot be overstated. The relationships volunteers build with patients and families are often deep and personal. Understanding the role of hospice volunteers, the ways in which volunteers can serve, and the impact that volunteering has on the lives of all involved-including the volunteer, can better equip those who are interested in becoming a hospice volunteer.

Before beginning volunteer services, CompassionCare Hospice volunteers are provided with thorough training to help you understand the philosophy of CompassionCare and hospice, the services we offer, how to communicate with patient’s and families, and an overview of the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs during the end-of-life journey. The role of a hospice volunteer is one of compassion and understanding, respect for all ways of life – personal beliefs and/or religious views. There are many ways in which you can offer time and support, whether it be directly with patients and families or helping with administrative duties, there are always task that could use and extra hand. Some typical volunteer duties can include:

*Office Support

*Calling bingo in one of our community partner facilities

*Reading to patients or sharing personal stories

*Providing time for a caregiver to take care of his/her self.

*Providing emotional support, companionship, and socialization.

*Sharing a special talent-singing, playing an instrument, etc.

*Conducting social groups

Anyone with a genuine desire to help and share time with others is encouraged to volunteer with us! For more information, please contact Julie at 702-636-0200 or by email: jtodd@cchlv.com

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