Senior Safety On The Road

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As a senior, it can be hard to notice gradual changes in your own driving ability. To stay safe, it’s important to recognize and understand the physical and mental changes associated with age that can affect an individual’s driving ability.

Regular checkups with your physician can help monitor issues with any chronic issues that can jeopardize your driving safety. Things like stress and fatigue can also be a danger to you and others when behind the wheel. Certain medications can also affect ability to operate a vehicle. Be sure to read your labels very carefully and follow the instructions no matter what. Vision and hearing checks should be done regularly too. If you wear glasses or contacts, never drive without these and if you have problems with your vision at nighttime-avoid this time of day all together to be out on the road.

It’s significant to be aware and realistic about any constraints you are up against. It’s important to be aware of other drivers and steps you can take to ensure everyone’s safety. Always allow enough time and space to react to what’s going on around you. Use your brakes when needed early, increase the distance you follow someone, and try to avoid busy areas if possible. Of course, driving in bad weather conditions or at the busiest times of the day, like rush hour, are never a good idea for seniors.

Cleaning up on your driving skills if you continue to drive is a way to increase your safety altogether. Enroll yourself or a loved one in a class that will go over things like proper driving positions, updated laws, defensive maneuverers, and some of the common laws like texting and cell phone usage.

Even if you find that you need to reduce your driving or give up on it completely, it doesn’t have to mean the end of your independence. Seeking alternative methods of transportation can offer better health, social benefits, and keep you safe.



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