Hospice Misconceptions

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With more than 5,000 hospice facilities throughout the United States, it is important to know what hospice is and address the misconceptions that go along with it – emphasizing the hospice benefits to those approaching the final stages of life. Hospice care really stands apart, it’s a different kind of care  focused on maintaining or improving quality of life by providing comfort, relieving pain, and offering support to both patients and families. Hospice can become an option when an illness no longer responds to treatments projected to cure, and when physicians predict that the illness will progress in such a way that the patient has limited time left.

The biggest misconception surrounding hospice is it’s a place you go to pass away, this is not true. Most hospice services are provided in a variety of settings-wherever a person calls home. Another misconception is that hospice is only needed in someone’s final days. Hospice services provide pain and symptom management necessary to allow individuals to do important things, such as take a vacation, play golf, or just enjoy time with family and loved ones. Not only do hospice patients experience a better quality of life but they sometimes actually live longer than they would with conventional medical care.

Hospice is a Medicare benefit and services are covered 100% including medications and medical equipment needed. Commercial insurances are also accepted. It is important  for people to know that they do not have to wait for their physician to bring up the idea of hospice, any individual or family member can initiate the process of a hospice referral. If your health continues to worsen despite treatments or you’re just tired of spending time in and out of the hospital, it may be time to consider hospice.

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