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CompassionCare is mindful of the caregiver’s physical, emotional and spiritual health-just as we are of our patients. In fact, a vital part of hospice care is in support of caregivers. If you are looking after a loved one in your own home, we can help ease your burden in many ways.

Hospice staff visit on a regular schedule based on a patient’s needs. The CompassionCare team will help train and support you so that you’re fully informed and well-prepared, with us, to care for your loved one to the best of your ability. We can show you how to provide medications and treatments, assist with personal hygiene needs, and even arrange for in-home physician visits if necessary. Our highly skilled social workers also help guide patients and families through practical matters like, filling out confusing paperwork, insurance forms, or other legal forms. They can also arrange for emotional and spiritual support when it is needed.

Janice, whose husband is currently on hospice with CompassionCare says “People at work wonder how I’m holding it together…I tell them I couldn’t do this (work, raise our youngest daughter and care for my husband) without the support of my hospice team. You’re all angels.”

Providing care for someone who’s dealing with a life-limiting illness takes courage. Care based on each individual is different but we will help you figure out what is best for your loved one along the way. You’re quality of life is important, too. Remember, you must take good care of yourself to be a good caregiver.

For more information on caregiver support, CompassionCare, or hospice services-call us today 702-636-0200.

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