Taking Care to Give Care

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This year’s theme for National Caregiving Month states just that. You must take care of yourself first before you can care for others. Caregiving is truly an international phenomenon and no nation is without family caregivers. Today, there are approximately 90 million family caregivers in the US. Caregiving can be a very rewarding experience, but also extremely draining-emotionally and physically. Taking good care of yourself is the only way to provide good care to a loved one.

Family caregivers make up a huge amount of individuals who work hard, tirelessly, and don’t get paid to do it. Many quit their jobs, families take a back seat, and their own needs are neglected as they look after a loved one. Becoming a caregiver you can feel isolated-day in and day out-the same routine over and over. Caregivers tend to not set goals or outlets for themselves simply because they feel they can’t reach or accomplish them.

Remember, you aren’t alone! Seek support from other caregivers when you need it and accept help from others too. Be direct in what you need help with, others will appreciate and feel good being able to assist you. Look for new technologies or other ways you can get help in caregiving. Watch out for yourself, be aware of signs of depression or other issues that can arise and get professional help if you need it-don’t wait. Have conversations with physicians about things like legal documents and advanced healthcare planning so that you are prepared. This will ease many burdens for you. Of course, take care of yourself-physically, emotionally and spiritually. Stay healthy in all these areas so you can continue to do one of the toughest jobs there is.

For more information on caregiver support, CompassionCare or hospice, call us today at 702-636-0200.

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