22 Warriors Foundation 2nd Annual “Chipping in for Vets”

CompassionCare Hospice

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It is our honor to be a part of the event set-up on November 7, 2016 with the 22 Warriors Foundation.

22 Warriors Foundation with CompassionCare Hospice - 2nd annual "Chipping in for Vets"

November 7 is when 22 Warriors Foundation will be holding their 2nd annual HCC “Chipping In For Vets” at the Chimera Golf Course from 8 am to 6 pm. CompassionCare Hospice will be sponsoring a tee box in in support and honor of OUR Veterans on Veteran’s Day. 22 Veterans lose their battle to stay alive every single day. That number is probably more like 35 Veterans if you include older Veterans. This is not acceptable. Suicide is the military’s leading cause of death. Come out and play some golf and support some great organizations. 22 Warriors Foundation is committed to addressing the issues that lie behind suicides, high risk behaviors, untreated mental illness, and lack of available resources. 22 Warrior Foundation is excited and determined to make a difference in the lives of OUR Veterans and their families.

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