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We understand our patients values, preferences, and needs. Advanced hospice care planning and decision making is in place to ensure that the care you want to receive will be carried out upon you being unable to communicate your wishes.

What Advanced Hospice Care Planning Is Right For You?

Senior Health and Fitness - CompassionCare Hospice Las Vegas, NVAdvanced hospice care planning consists of making decisions prior to needing them. These types of decisions can be tough and are generally uncomfortable to discuss. With CompassionCare Hospice of Las Vegas, Nevada you’ll find we take special care with this subject. We’re here to make sure you live according to your own personal wishes.
Advanced hospice care planning and decision making is in place to ensure that the care you want to receive will be carried out upon you being unable to communicate your wishes. It’s your life and CompassionCare Hospice is here to make sure you live it the way you would like. Dignity and respect regarding our patients is of the utmost importance. An advanced hospice care plan allows you to make choices based on your own values, preferences, and the discussions that you have with your family and loved ones.

Your advanced hospice care plan enables us to carry out your personal wishes in your time of need. With an advanced plan in place you’re able to tell your family, friends and healthcare providers what your wishes are as well as the care you would want to receive. Contact CompassionCare Hospice today to talk with an advanced hospice Care Planning Counselor. Allow us to help you plan your journey.
For more information regarding Hospice Care or other related topics please visit our new Hospice Educational site located here at:

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