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Your personal wishes regarding end-of-life care are deep and based on your values and beliefs-whatever they may be.  While it can be difficult to initiate, these end-of-life conversations are a must amongst family members and your physician. These conversations should relieve loved ones and healthcare providers of the need to guess what you would want if you are ever faced with a medical crisis.

Each one of us hold a big responsibility in making sure our wishes are clearly known in advance and that our loved ones, or whomever we choose to advocate for us, understands these as well. Our advocates also have a big stake in making sure that what we truly want is understood with everyone should a medical crisis arise. Being left to guess a patient’s  end-of-life wishes regarding significant medical treatment decisions should never happen.

Who should be included in this circle of decision-makers?

While parents typically decide for children and adult children sometimes decide for their parents, decision-makers are most often spouses or immediate family members. Normally a spouse, child/children or a particularly close friend are good people to have do this. However, sometimes emotions take over in the heat of the moment or our own selfish wishes and thoughts can interfere. It’s important to chose a person who you know will follow your end-of-life wishes even if they are something not agreed upon. Be crystal clear in what you want to happen with specific situations. “Do everything” can mean a variety of different things but it does not include medical treatments intended to cure a medical condition, for example, surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.

The simplest way (not always the easiest)  is to talk about end-of-life care before an illness. Discussing your thoughts, values, and desires will help people who are close to you know what end-of-life care you want. Click on the link below to read a short story about what can happen when you aren’t prepared. The outcome can be devastating.

The family said, “Do everything.”

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