Life-Limiting Illness and Hospice Care

A life-limiting illness is a chronic disease or condition.

These diseases don’t respond to curative treatments resulting in a terminal diagnosis. CompassionCare of Las Vegas, Nevada provides hospice care in the privacy of your own home. Having a life-limiting illness qualifies a patient for hospice.

The specialized medical practice of palliative care or hospice care has become increasingly important. Hospice care and palliative care are very similar. Palliative care helps the patient relieve themselves of pain and many of the symptoms of their medical illness or disease. CompassionCare Hospice of Las Vegas, NV provides hospice services which encompass palliative care.

This has been a good practice for most patients. Not only does it help give the patient a more freeing life, but it also saves their loved ones from feelings of panic, frustration, anger, confusion, anxiety, and of course hopelessness that is often caused from trying to navigate a labyrinthine medical system that can be overly complicated at times. Hope is something everybody deserves. CompassionCare Hospice is here to give you hope.

Hospice services are best introduced as soon as possible, right when the patient has been diagnosed with their illness. This is a big change for the patient’s life. Because of this, the concept of palliative care becomes even more important for patients introduced to hospice care to help increase their quality of life. CompassionCare Hospice is designed to improve a patient’s quality of life facing a life-limiting illness.

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