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Hospice. Let’s face it, it’s an intimidating word that people don’t like to say. No one wants to think or talk about dying. But in reality, people live longer with hospice mostly due to the close monitoring of their pain and symptoms caused from a life-limiting illness or disease. With hospice, the patient is in control. Hospice is about LIVING and encouraging each individual to live their life to the fullest and carry out their wishes right until the end.

Hospice is compassionate care that is focused on comfort and meets the unique needs of each person and their family members and caregivers. It doesn’t just manage pain, hospice shows patients how to best cope with an illness. This exclusive care is provided by a core group of professionals made up of physicians, nurses, counselors, and therapists to name a few. Hospice is also mindful of a patient’s loved on

When The End Is Near

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When your family is suddenly hit with the passing of a loved one, it leaves little to no time to prepare. On the other hand, a person who is slowly transitioning can become confusing for families as they may not be as sure as to what’s happening. If you are prepared no matter what the circumstance is, you have the opportunity to be ready for what’s coming.

Have conversations with your loved ones physician and nurses, listen to what they are telling you even though it may be hard to accept. You may experience the following symptoms with your loved one who is nearing the end: They may become tired and sleep majority of the day. Anxiety and confusion can happen, they may refuse to eat or drink anything and dyspnea (shortness of breath) sets in. In addition to these things, when a person is nearing the end of their life, the body (arms, hands, feet, etc.) become cool to the

The Hospice Referral Process

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Much too often, referrals to hospice are made too late, before a patient and family have the chance to benefit from all of the services hospice actually has to offer. The sooner a patient is referred, the better. Many say that the only regret they have about hospice is not signing on sooner.

Hospice care may be appropriate for any person with a life-limiting illness or terminal diagnosis who is ready to stop curative treatments. To be eligible, a physician must certify a prognosis of 6 months or less, if the disease runs its expected normal course. A persons physician, family member, neighbor, or even the person themselves can recommend hospice and request an evaluation for services. Patients can also keep hospice beyond the 6 months (with physician approval and continuing to meet criteria) and can cancel hospice services at any time if they choose.

Selecting the best ho

Finding The Right Fit in a Caregiver

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Most seniors today prefer to age in place, but when their health starts to decline and they need immediate or sudden help, we as family members may be faced with the critical decision of whether or not to start providing the care they need. Lots of family members end up becoming a caregiver to a loved one, but the demands that caregiving has makes it difficult for many to step into this role. If you are seeking help for your loved one, there are qualifications you’ll want to be certain your caregiver has. Not only do you want the skills and experience of a trained caregiver, but someone who is understanding and is the best match for your family member.

Substantial caregivers are sensitive to others’ requests, they are compassionate, and patient people-they truly enjoy helping others. To have peace of mind in your selection, you need to make your expecta

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Facts

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How do you decide whether CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is right for you?

You’ve seen it over and over in TV shows. Someone’s heart stops and then you hear a loud “Clear!” One or two shocks, and the heart beats again showing the patient fully recovered. But in reality, the success of CPR depends upon many factors that include age, mental status, and state of health. For a person who is young and healthy, chances are promising that CPR can be successfully and return you to normal life. For a frail and elderly individual who has a severe, chronic condition, or debility, the odds that CPR can bring you back to a normal brain function are low. For some people, it’s important to live as long as possible; these people may want CPR even if it causes other medical problems. For others, it’s most important to pass naturally; these people may not w

What Matters to You

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Decisions about end-of-life care are intensely personal, and are based on an individual’s own values and beliefs. Talking with your family, healthcare providers, friends, and loved ones are all important steps to making your wishes known. These conversations will relieve loved ones and healthcare providers of the need to guess what you would want if ever faced with a medical crisis.

The article below from Cleveland Clinic is a helpful tool in how to bring up these tough conversations.




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Plan Ahead While The Choice Is Still Yours

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Sharing your wishes for end-of-life care can bring you closer to those you love. It’s critically important considering these facts:

Ninety percent of people say that talking with their family about end-of-life care is important, when only twenty seven percent have actually done so. Eighty two percent of people say it’s important to put their wishes in writing-only twenty three percent have. Eighty percent of people say that if seriously ill, they would want to talk with their doctor about wishes for medical treatment toward the end of life. Only seven percent have talked with their physician. Talking matters and all it takes is one conversation to make a significant difference.

Planning ahead is key. If you or a loved-one have a terminal illness, or are approaching the end of life, start making plans for your future care today. Advanc

Safe Medication Management

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Medications are an essential part of life for many seniors, helping them stay healthy while managing chronic conditions. But, making mistakes when taking medications can lead to serious, life threatening, ramifications. So, it is important that both seniors and their caregivers do all that they can to avoid making medication mistakes.

Medication errors by the elderly may be more common than you think, one of the most common and severe mistakes is overdosing. Overdoses are the number one cause of medication-related fatalities. Taking too much medication all at once, or a steady build up over time is concerning. Bad drug interactions is another one. Certain medications are dangerous when taken together or when combined with alcohol and/or certain foods. Seniors may forget about interactions they need to steer clear from. Along with this comes med mix-ups, some medications l

Hospice & Quality of Life

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Hospice permits individuals with terminal illnesses to make decisions about how and where they want to spend the rest of their lives. It provides many benefits that aren’t possible in traditional healthcare settings. Through hospice, families are directly involved in making decisions and in helping the one they love.

Hospice is unique because it focuses on care-not a cure. Hospice is about living. The team of professionals assigned to each patient helps them achieve physical and emotional comfort so that they can enjoy each day that they have to the fullest. Patients are encouraged to stay active for as long as they can. The fear of pain and suffering is addressed the moment a person becomes a hospice patient. Pain and symptom management are closely monitored and help is available 24 hours a day.

When someone you love has a life-limiting illness, you become e

Balance Causes & Symptoms

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Having good balance means being able to control and maintain your bodies’ position, while in motion or standing still. Lightheadedness, dizzy spells, or the sensation of spinning in circles can all be signs of a balance issues, if these symptoms occur regularly. Balance issues are common among older adults and one of the main reasons help from a physician is sought after.

Our inner ear (known as the labyrinth) is responsible for helping us balance. Intact or “normal” balance helps us walk without staggering, get up from a seated position without falling, climbing, and bending.  To maintain position, our labyrinth acts with other body parts like our bones, eyes, and joints to help us get around safely. When our balance is off we tend to experience falls, in the elderly this can be detrimental to their overall health.

BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal positional Vert

Senior Fraud & Medicare

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The growing incidents of senior fraud is alarming. “You’ve been scammed” isn’t something anyone wants to hear, especially when it involves a senior who’s a loved-one. Financial advising, prescriptions, funeral planning, or a telephone call telling you you’ve just won a sweepstakes and all you need to do is verify information to claim your prize, are some of the common ways seniors are taken advantage of these days.

It is crucial that the older folks in our life know never to give out personal information unless they are certain in who they are dealing with. US Senator, Dean Heller, also recognizes the importance in senior fraud and safety and announced that new Medicare cards will help protect individual’s identities and reduce fraud in the Medicare system. Beginning in 2018 social security number will no longer be listed on Medicare cards. Ide

End of Life Care Options

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Those facing end of life, whether that be for themselves or a family member, experience multiple challenges when attempting to decide among the numerous end-of-life care options available. End of life care can be provided in many different settings-taking into account the level of care that is needed, resources, and the individuals own wishes. When discussing with loved-ones about where you would want to be at the end of life, it is important to be honest and realistic in your expectations. It is also crucial to communicate this information to family and your physician.

When we aren’t feeling well our first reaction is to go to the hospital. In this type of setting, numerous doctors and nurses are available and ready to treat someone who may be dying, which can be reassuring for both a patient and their family. However, ending up in a intensive care unit (ICU) may not lead